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We can hardly believe it has been 3 years that we’ve all been together.

It has been such a blessing and a wonderful time here so far at St. Luke’s. This is a place filled with community, family support, and opportunities for all to take part in spreading the love of Jesus Christ. It has been an even greater joy to lead the youth of St. Luke’s, also known as The C.R.E.W.! My family and I do not take lightly this blessing or this responsibility in serving the youth here at St. Luke’s. It has been a great passion of ours for years to serve the entire family and the community. We believe that God is moving by His mighty power among the youth of this nation, as well as this world, and we are honored to be a part of that movement.


The Word of God has been the foundation and inspiration of all we do as we lead the C.R.E.W. to seek the Lord with their whole heart. Our current series focuses on following Jesus. We are all aware of the social media prompts to follow and like pages, but we are talking about our Lord’s prompt to follow HIM. The youth appear to be intrigued by asking many questions and very profound statements that came from their own experiences in life. We also had our first youth conference, YC’19, and it was a huge success! It was powerful and life changing as testimonies are still coming in about how their family lives are better, and parents report how their young person has appeared to change for the better. We were excited to have NBA basketball player Landry Fields as our Saturday evening keynote speaker, as well as councilwoman Stacy Mungo join us to kick off the event! We’d like to thank all who volunteered time as well as those who were so generous in donating resources to add to making the event a huge success. I’d like to personalize our thank you’s, but I don’t want to miss anyone, so I say to my St. Luke’s family, Thank You!


After each teaching, the youth would go right into fun activities from Trust Games, but this year was also filled with insightful discussions and talks about the future of youth leadership. We also enjoyed some fun-filled activities like: Tied-In-A-Knot, Spoons, Hide-n-go-Seek, Steal the Beacon, Assassin, What’s Missing, Apples to Apples, Black Magic, and so much more. Each C.R.E.W. member takes a turn and is responsible for bringing their game of choice to introduce to the group.


“Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents]. Even when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 Amplified Bible (AMP)

We found that it was extremely important to have leadership roles within our youth group. The positions that were open were Community Service Coordinator, Activities Director, and Fundraising Coordinator. Each C.R.E.W. member that wanted to be selected for an office could run voluntarily. Upon running for a position, they were each given the task of campaigning for their desired position. After an extensive nomination and election process, we were able to select Summer Pearson, Sam Pearson, and Krysten Patterson for these positions. All have done a tremendous job at these roles. Each week, one of our youth has the fantastic opportunity to share from the Word of God and teach their peers during youth service. It is a powerful time as our youth share what God has laid on their heart. We are always in awe of how brilliant and wise they deliver the Word of God.


First, we would like to thank our Heavenly Father for giving us grace to accomplish all that we have done this year. We also would like to thank Pastor Garry and our church congregation for donations and continuous support of our youth. To the parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends that have helped us travel to many of our events and that have donated time and financial support…. thank you very much. This group could not fully function if it were not for your generosity. Thank you again for your prayers and arms of love and compassion. Please continue to lift The C.R.E.W. in your prayers as we continue this great and exciting journey.




Clifton & Andrias Patterson


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