Admission Policy & Rates

Admission Policy

In accordance with state law, SLCP does not discriminate in any of its policies, procedures, or practices on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin. All rights, privileges, programs and activities are made available to all students at the preschool.

  • Children must be at least two (2) years of age and may remain in the SLCP program through the age of six (6).
  • We encourage children to drink from a cup. Bottles and sippy cups are not allowed at school.
  • Children’s physical and emotional health must be such that they can participate in the SLCP program and activities. This will be determined by a pre-admission health evaluation by a physician, and the preschool director.
  • If the parent/guardian and/or the preschool director determine that the child is not making a satisfactory adjustment into the program, the child may be discontinued from the preschool with an option for re-evaluation at a later time.
  • All forms, registration fee, and tuition for the first period must be turned in before a child will be admitted.
  • Openings in any class are held only after the registration fee is paid. Picking up a brochure or filling out an inquiry does not guarantee placement in the school.

Waiting List for Admission

If you would like to place your child on the waiting list for admission, you will need to come in and fill out a Parent Inquiry Form. It is always best to follow up with a phone call periodically to see if a space has opened up and to let the preschool director know that you are still interested. A $100.00 registration fee will be collected when a space opens up and your child is enrolled. (Spots will not be held without a registration deposit.)

Financial Information

(Tuition, Payments, Fees, and Rates)

Make checks payable to St. Luke’s Christian Preschool. Tuition must be paid in full as long as the child is registered and maintains a classroom space at the preschool. Tuition must be paid monthly and is due on or before the 1st of each month. If full payment of the month’s tuition is not received by the close of business on the 5th working day of the month, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed. Full tuition is due each month regardless of whether the school is closed for holidays or the child is absent.

If full payment of the month’s tuition and the assessed late fee is not received by close of business on the 10th working day of the month, your child will not be permitted to attend school, and your child’s space may be filled by another child. Please contact the preschool director or bookkeeper if there are any financial problems.

Tuition will not be refunded for unused time if a child is withdrawn from school unless a four-week, written notice is given in advance.


TUITION/ Ages 3-6


Tuition is due on the 1st


5 Days/Week

$705. 00 per month


4 Days/Week

$645. 00 per month


3 Days/Week

$530. 00 per month


2 Days/Week

$415. 00 per month


Extra Days / All Ages

$50.00 per day paid on the date of attendance

TUITION / 2 yr. olds


Includes Potty Training / Assistance & Lower Class Size

5 Days/Week

$ 775.00 per month


4 Days/Week

$ 705.00 per month


3 Days/Week

$ 575.00 per month


2 Days/Week

$ 450.00 per month


A 10% discount on tuition is granted to active church members, school board members or siblings (not cumulative).

Additional Fees

Yearly Registration Fee Per Family


Non Refundable

Late Payment Fee

$ 25.00


Returned Check Charge

$ 25.00


Late Pick-Up Charge

$ 10.00

each 10 minutes over

Vacation Tuition – to hold space


Summer months excluded

Unfulfilled Christian Service Hours

$ 10.00

per hour value

Rising Stars Boosters Club Membership

$   5.00


Extra Days

Parents may request “Extra Days” of attendance at the rate of $50.00 per day plus any applicable food costs. Extra day admission is based on classroom space availability for the requested day(s) and must be pre-approved by the teacher and the preschool director. Payment for Extra Days is due on or before the actual day of attendance.

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