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You are invited to join us for worship on Sunday mornings, or participate in any of the fellowship activities. St. Luke’s Church has two worship services (9:00 am contemporary and 11:00 am traditional) as well as a Kid’s Club (K-5th) on Wednesday’s @ 4 PM, middle schoolers’ Confirmation, and Youth Group (6th-12th) on Sunday evenings @ 5 PM.

For further information, please speak with our pastor, call our church office at (562) 429-5967, or speak with the preschool director or any of our staff members.

Mission Statement

St. Luke’s Christian Preschool (SLCP) is a culturally inclusive learning center built on the foundation of God’s word and is dedicated to the care, education and development of children and families through a positive, Christian environment.

Philosophy & Goals

SLCP believes that God has created each child as a unique individual with his or her own gifts to share. SLCP sees education as an ongoing process of growing and learning, and has purposely established an environment and a curriculum that stimulates children’s curiosity, and helps them grow spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally at his or her own rate of development.

It is the goal of SLCP to assist children in developing cognitive skills and a healthy self-image through art, dramatic play, language arts, science, music and large motor skills, and through Christian education. Children will be given opportunities…

  • to encourage the development of self-help skills
  • to discover who they are
  • to think creatively
  • to solve problems on their own
  • to realize their potential

Also, it is the goal of SLCP to respond to children as individuals and allow them to develop at their own pace in their own special way.

SLCP feels that working in collaboration with the parents and family fosters the greatest opportunities for the development of the whole child creating a positive preschool experience.

Families will have access to parent newsletters, monthly curriculum calendars, daily reports and all known community-based resources.

Also, SLCP’s goal is to reinforce the family unit.

Through the participation of parents, grandparents, and other family members, we make special events, sharing of holidays and traditions possible. This helps children become aware of the wonderful cultural diversity of our environment.

Christian Education

SLCP builds its curriculum and values upon the Word of God and incorporates these values throughout its daily lessons and routines.

Children & Staff attend chapel every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:45 a.m. We desire to teach our students to be loving and compassionate, especially towards those who are less fortunate. Children are encouraged to bring an offering in support of our sponsor child, Junior Mutuku Munyasya. 

Tuesdays, children are introduced to a weekly Bible lesson and memory verse. Thursdays continue our lesson discussion as we focus on practical application within our daily lives.  

Some of the prayers that are said during meals or in class are:

#1       Thank You, God, for this new day,

                        In my school to work and play.

                       Please be with me all day long

                        In every story, game, and song.

                       May all the happy things we do

                        Make You, our Father, happy too. Amen.

#2       God is great, God is good.

                       Let us thank Him for our food.

                       By His hands we are fed;

                       Thank You, Lord, for our daily bread.

#3       Jesus listens while I pray.

                       Jesus listens night and day.

                       Thank You, Jesus, for this food;

                       Thank You, Jesus, m-m-m good. Amen.


#4       Thank you, God, for giving us food.

                       Thank you, God, for giving us food.

                       Thank You for the birds that sing.

                       Thank You for the food we eat.



Facility and Staff Requirements

SLCP is licensed by the state of California for a total of 61 children on any given day within five classrooms.

All teachers and aides at SLCP are experienced and fully qualified, and great care is taken in choosing staff members who really have a passion for working with and teaching children while maintaining the school and church’s Christian values.

All of SLCP’s teachers have Early Childhood Education certificates, State of California Child Study permits, and/or Associate of Arts Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees. Continuing education is requested of all staff members.

Hours and Days of Operation

St. Luke’s Christian Preschool regular hours of operation are:

6:300 am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The preschool is in operation year-round but follows basic, public school semester sessions, such as Fall Semester and Summer Session.

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